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Scripture Reading

글쓴이 : 최고관리자 날짜 : 2014-03-30 (일) 06:31 조회 : 679
2011년 8월 22일 이순옥 성도님께서 자유게시판에 남기신 글:

Dear Members of the Session:
Please refer to the attached file.
Greetings! We went to the church this morning thinking that we would read the scriptures during the worship service. We were told by Randy Nelson that Randy and his wife will be reading the scriptures instead of us. He told me because they were absent last week, they were asked to read it this week and this week's readers will be reading it next week. But the ver same person did not bother to call us and told us the change. And also when I saw the bulletin, some one else will be reading the scriptures next week.
We are not happy with the treatment from the church we are not going to participate in reading the scriptures in the future. I want to point out that we have never asked to read the scriptures. The church asked us to read.
It is obvious that the church decided to care about Randy and his wife a lot more than our feelings. I don't want to get my feelings hurt again, so that the obvious solution will be refusal to read the scriptures in the future.
Thank you for respecting our wishes.